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Moorland Mist

Emma Greig has seen little of the world when she abruptly leaves school at fourteen to become a maid at Bonnybrae Farm. Her new life is far away from the carefree days at school. The Sinclair family in turn welcome and reject her: Maggie is kind and warm, and the two girls quickly become close. Her brothers Jim and William are more playful, gently teasing Emma for her youthful innocence...


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Moorend Farm

Moorend Farm

William and Emma Sinclair have settled into life at Moorend Farm in North Yorkshire and live happily with their growing family, believing they have left the shame of their past behind. William is determined to prove his success to his embittered mother, and charts a secure living for his sons, to follow in his footsteps and reap the benefits of William and his wife's hard work...


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Beyond Reason

Janet Scott loves books, and learning, and is happy living at the schoolhouse where her grandfather is the dominie. When tragedy strikes, and her grandfather dies suddenly, everything changes, and she is sent to work for farmer, Wull Foster. Life with no one to protect her is tough, and Janet experiences first-hand the dangers which can befall a young woman...


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Coming Home

Victory over Japan has been announced and everyone in Megan Oliphant’s home town in Scotland is celebrating the end of the war.


The boys are 'Coming Home'.


Megan has been waiting desperately for the day when Steven Caraford, the best friend of her older brother, finally returns.


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9780719813184 Coming Home

A Home of Our Own

As they toast the new year of 1951 together, Meg and Steven Caraford look back at the good fortune they have enjoyed since their marriage: their small farm at Schoirhead is prospering, they have a lovely baby boy, Samuel, and close friends and family live nearby. Steven's half-brother, Fred, a thorn in their sides, has thankfully moved to Canada, and the future looks bright.


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Coming Home

The latest in a well-loved Scottish saga - Avril Gray and Dean Scott are the best of friends, but their paths diverge when Avril goes to university. She has a promising career ahead, until fate intervenes and she must look after the family home and her young brothers. Meantime, Dean forges his own path as a dairy farmer, but his pride prevents him from asking an educated girl like Avril to marry a labourer...


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A Home of Our Own.jpg ebook Heart of the Home

Another Home, Another Love

Rosemary Palmer-Farr loves farming and animals and has spent much of her childhood at Bengairney Farm with her dearest friends, the Carafords. Now, as a young woman, she wants to prove herself a good businesswoman by running the gardens of her father's dwindling estate. Her mother, Catherine, is not impressed and wants her to secure a good marriage. She looks down on the Carafords because they are only tenant farmers.


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Darkest Before the Dawn

Joe Lennox becomes bitter and deranged and blames Billy Caraford when his son is killed in a car accident, but Billy has lost his best friend and is badly injured himself. Despite the misgivings of his parents, he is still determined to be a farmer. He summons his courage to go to university, but privately he regards himself as a cripple, convinced no woman could love him or want to be his wife.


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The Legacy of Lochandee

In the years following the end of the Second World War, life at the Glens of Lochandee is tough. Many families in the village have been bereaved, and rationing is affecting business.  Nevertheless, Conan Maxwell’s new garage is doing well, and he and his Welsh-born partner, Nick, are hoping to expand. But how will their partnership survive their differing ambitions?

Conan’s young sister, Bridie is faced with a dilemma.


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The Laird of Lochandee

An historical romance saga set in the Scottish Borders between the two World Wars. At sixteen, Rachel O’Brian finds herself alone in the world and accepts a home with an old friend of her father’s, but she is unprepared for his wife’s malice and cannot guess at the secret which feeds the woman’s hatred.

The younger Maxwells welcome Rachel to their Ayrshire farm, especially Ross, but he too has earned Gertrude Maxwell’s spite.


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9781909335813.225x225-75 9780719809293  darkest btd 2 9781909520400_FC LEGACY OF LOCHANDEE

The Children of Lochandee

In 1960s Scotland, the farming industry is on the brink of huge changes, becoming more mechanised and less dependent on manpower, but at Lochandee, it is a time of hope and promise for the future.


Ross and Rachel Maxwell have every reason to be proud of their expanding family. Daughter Bridie and her Nick are as happily married as they are, and working hard to build up their own farm.


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Home to Lochandee

A new generation of the Maxwell family are farming at Wester Rullion during the 1980s. Young Paul Maxwell and his cousin Ryan are determined to work together to restore the farm’s prosperity. How will they achieve their ambitious aims – only with the support of their grandparents? Can they overcome the hurdles of new farming regulations?

Will Ryan get his heart’s desire and marry Molly Nairne, daughter of a prosperous local farmer?


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9781783750863_FC Home to Lochandee

Secrets in the Heather

Victoria Lachlan is orphaned at birth and raised by Jane McCrady whom she believes is her great-grandmother. When Jane dies Victoria is offered a home with the Pringles and a job in Darlonachie Castle kitchens. But times are changing both above and below stairs following the first world war. As Victoria grows into a beautiful young woman she has to face difficult choices and come to terms with a long buried secret from the past.


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Call of the Heather

When war is declared in 1939, Andrew and Victoria Pringle are expecting their second child. What should be a happy time is marred by the threat to the peace and future of their beloved glens. As their family grows up they take comfort in watching them thrive, and in seeing young Libby, the only girl, inherit her parents' love of the land. Libby has a special friendship with Billy Lennox, the Laird's illegitimate grandson.


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SECRETS IN THE HEATHER E-BOOKJacket 010 9781783754724_FC

When the Heather Blooms

This is the continuing story of life in the Scottish glens following on from "Secrets in the Heather"...Since Mark's death during the war, Victoria Pringle has lost touch with his fiancee, so it is a shock when she discovers she has a nephew, Peter. He has inherited his ancestors' love of the land, but he must fight fierce opposition if he is to follow his dream. Libby and Billy Lennox are now happily married and farming at Darlonachie.


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It is nineteenth century Scotland and change is on the way.


Sandy Logan is a man of his word and when Mattie Camerson’s father dies, he intends to honour his promise to marry her. But dark forces are at work and Mattie finds herself betrothed to the son of cruel Jacob Reevil. Before the marriage can take place, Jacob and his son corner Mattie alone in the shed.


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9781783754717_FC Fairlyden

Mistress of Fairlyden

As Mistress of Fairlyden, and happily married to William Fairly, Sarah feels her life complete.


But longing to share the joyful news of her pregnancy with Beatrice Slater, her childhood friend, Sarah defies her husband’s wishes and goes alone to Muircumwell Mill.


But it is not Beatrice she finds at the mill.



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The Family At Fairlyden

“Never trust Sadie Fairly”. These are Agnes Jamieson’s last words to her niece Beth.  Since Beth Jamieson’s mother died, Sarah Fairly, Sadie’s mother, raised Beth like one of her own.


Sarah tried to bring up Beth and Sadie as sisters but it was more complicated than that; Sadie saw Beth as a servant and Beth was terrified of Sadie. But as Beth gets older, she grows closer to Sarah’s youngest son, Logan.


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Mistress of Fairlyden download

Fairlyden at War

In 1930's Scotland men are desperate for work, families are starving a thousands of farms lie derelict. But Fairlyden has survived thanks to Logan Fairly's skill as a cattle breeder and his wife's thriftiness. At seventeen, their daughter Kirsty is fiercely roud of her father's achievements, but her brother Luke has no interest in farming and his fear of animals results in tragedy. James MacFarlane has spent the first twenty-three years of his life at the Fairlyden, eagerly absorbing all that Logan can teach him.


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The Silver Link

Elspeth is the last of the Elliots of Everanlea. She shares her uncle and grandmother's love of their Scottish heritage but when her uncle Andrew dies suddenly, Elspeth is overwhelmed by the prospect that Everanlea, the family estate, belongs solely to her.


In spite of her boyfriend Hamish’s plea to move to France, Elspeth decides to return to Scotland and is determined to preserve Everanlea.


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fairlyden_at_war_final_copy_(2) The Silver Link (2) (1)

The Wary Heart

After losing her parents in a tragic accident and selling her beloved farm Cherrytrees, 23 year old Jan Carron finds herself at a loose end, raising her five year old son Bobby alone. Change is in the air when she receives a call from her sister Christine, who’s planning an extended trip to the United States with her husband.


She needs someone to take care of their farm and the twins in their absence.


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Lonely is the Valley

Twenty year old Ceri Owen has a strong connection to her home high up in the Welsh valley. After losing her parents at a young age, Ceri finds solace in the valleys where they settled and never dreams of a life elsewhere.


Accustomed to life in the small community, Ceri is devoted to helping her grandfather maintain the farm. Although sheltered, Ceri does have someone to love.


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The Wary heart 2015 Lonely is the Valley (2) (1)

A New Beginning

Grieving the loss of her beloved Grandparents who took her in when her parents died, twenty-something Roni Kennedy is desperately trying to hold her life together.


Roni runs a small business growing and selling vegetables, but her plans to expand and make a living without her Grandfather’s help are stunted when she realises she must learn how to manage intimidating business accounts.


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Written in the Wind

After losing her father and stepmother in a tragic accident, Sheana Lyon gave up everything to look after her half-brother, Tommy, with her Great Aunt Ellie at their farm, Creagbowie.


To raise money and to keep Tommy’s inheritance, Sheana plans to extend the caravan park but is met with fierce opposition from her new neighbour at Fingaeli Manor.


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new_begining_3 Written in the Wind

A Question of Love

Roseanne Fairfax is young, beautiful and ambitious.  As a partner of Kershaw & Company, Roseanne has a very clear plan for her career and for her life.


She is fiercely independent and has built up walls to stop herself from falling in love. That is until she meets Euan Kennedy - the nephew of her business partner, Mr Kershaw.


Euan is funny, warm, charming…. and drop dead gorgeous.


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Loves Ransom

A young Border Reiver is preparing to raid a town along the Anglo-Scottish border. But after he is deceived by his band of raiders, he is wounded and left to pay the penalty for his trespassing - death by hanging.


Upon receiving the news of her brother's harrowing fate, Isabella battles the Scottish elements in a race against time to offer up her own life to William Douglas...


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a question of love Love's Ransom The Laird of Lochvinnie 41ShfoZirqL._SX313_BO1,204,203,200_

The Laird of Lochvinnie

Miss Robina Kelly – known to most simply as Robin – is beginning a new job as a personal assistant and chauffer to the blind, and brooding, laird of Lochvinnie Castle Farm.


Having been drawn to the role by the promise of a quiet country life on a small Scottish estate, Robin is in for a surprise as she discovers her employer, Callum McNeil, is in need of much more than a mere assistant.


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Return to Bonnbrae

It is the start of 1919 and Miss Rina Capel, granddaughter of the Laird of Stavondale has one ambition - to set aside her life of privilege and become a nurse. But when she is summoned back to the Bonnybrae to see her dying grandfather just before her eighteenth birthday, he reveals to her family secrets which turn her world upside down. In love with a man she can't have, and facing marriage to a man she has never met, Rina must draw on all her reserves of strength...


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A Scottish Destiny cover

A Scottish Destiny

When seventeen-year-old Marie Sinclair travelled to Strathlinn in Scotland in 1920 to visit her brother and his new family, all she was looking for is rest and

recuperation after the death of Lady Hanley, for whom she had been caring for over the past eighteen months. But when her pregnant sister-in-law is rushed to

hospital in danger of the life of her and her twins, Marie is forced to take on afar greater role in the lives of her Scottish family.


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Love has no Borders

Fiercely independent, Marguerite Sinclair has the opportunity of a lifetime to become a nurse and contribute to the war effort. Meanwhile Rick who has loved her from the first moment he saw her asks her to marry him before being shipped off to the war front. Despite their distance, he pursues her in a romantic cross-country courtship. She refuses him but soon after begins to realise how strong her feelings for him are in his absence.


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